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Why... exile since 1959...

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Government in exile

Welcome bym India, the exiled tibetan government first settled in Mussorie, then in Dharamsala definitely.
Tibetan government has Education, Health, Information and Home ministeries and also for international Relations, Religion and Culture, Security and Financial ministeries.

Struggle against cultural genocide

Besides repression, the people staying in Tibet must struggle against the lost of their cultural identity. The Chinese are more numerous than the Tibetans because of movements of population.
Freedom of worship is not totally respected.
Opponants of government are pursued or imprisoned.
In these conditions, the exile goes on. Many parents get separated from their childre, they send them in exile, so that they can benefit from Tibetan education in these famous Tibetan Children Villages.

Tibetan diaspora

Nowadays we can count 190 000 refugees in the world.

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Tibetan refugees
Tibetan refugees spreading in the world in 2005

In 2005 we have :
- 105 000 refugees in India
- 65 000 refugees in Nepal
- 13 000 refugees in Bhutan
- 3 000 refugees in the USA
- 1875 refugees in Switzerland
- 750 refugees in Canada
- 200 refugees in France.

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