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Who are we ?

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Help and Hope for the Tibetan World organizes sponsorship and participates to collective actions towards tibetan refugees.

Our aims

Created on July 2000, Help and Hope for the Tibetan World is a non lucrative association, dedicated to humanitarian actions.

The purpose of the association is to make the public aware of the situation of the Tibetans, to maintain and introduce their cultural inheritage, to provide the children with educational facilities, to help the disabled and old people through :
- sponsorship
- subscriptions
- gifts
- subsidies
- benefits from various activities

Our action is mainly centered on sponsorships, but also leads to collective actions in India :
- electrification of the new building of the school in Bir
- creation - proceeding - of the library of the school in Gobalpur
- Project of financial aid for a disabled children’s center.

Why ?
In 1950, China invaded Tibet with the unavoidable accompaniement of destructions, imprisonments and tortures. China intends to annihilate the tibetan identity.

More than 1 million Tibetans missing

In 1959, Lhassa, the capital is occupied. The actual Dalaï Lama, spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet is forced to exile. He is followed by numerous patriots. Welcomed by the indian governement, they settled in undevelopped lands.
They are today nearby 190 000 refugees in India and in Nepal, and exile keeps on.

To build their future, they need our help.

How ?

To achieve its aim, AEMT organizes :

  • information through all media, ie radio, television, newspapers,
  • different kind of meetings :
    • lectures
    • slides, movies
    • craftworksales
    • second hand and christmas markets
  • sponsorships.

12 avenue Henry Dunant
02 300 CHAUNY
Tel/fax : 00.33.323.52.23.64
Tel : 00.33.323.39.36.19
Email :

You can send us a message.

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